Free Necklace

While checking one of my favorite blogs this morning, I saw her post about a beautiful free necklace offered by Caroline G.! Naturally I checked out Caroline's Facebook page and subsequently her online store. She is currently offering a free necklace with the code YAY, and it seriously took me 10 seconds to decide I needed one in coral. I also bought one of her yellow bubble necklaces because I've been obsessed with the J Crew original since it came out, and her version is just as wonderful + way more affordable!

So if you're dying to add some adorable necklaces to your jewelry collection, I highly suggest heading to Caroline's shop and picking up at least 1 free one, if not 3 or 4 more :)

Yes I know this post has nothing whatsoever to do with calligraphy, but I can't help spread the word when I find great deals on ridiculously cute jewelry!