Every few weeks my girlfriends and I get together for Crafternoon. We sit around eating pastries, talking about girl things, and doing crafts. I know what you're thinking right now - "This sounds amazing! I need to implement this right away with my friends." And you would be right.

In honor of our Crafternoons (you're welcome to start calling your get togethers that as well), I am going to be posting fun DIY projects every Friday that I have found during the week so that you can try them over the weekend! I read way too many creative/crafty blogs not to do posts like this. Seriously, it's a problem how many blogs I read...

20140228 DIY.png

No 1. I am so in love with leather right now, and this leather portfolio looks amazing.

No 2. Really fun and unique woodgrain gift tags to make your packages extra pretty.

No 3. I don't know if my boyfriend would appreciate this beautiful flower mirror in our bedroom, but maybe I can sneak it in somewhere else in the apartment.

No 4. Impress your dinner guests with easy to make (but expensive looking!) gold napkin rings.

No 5. I made a tassel garland at our last crafternoon, and I love it so much. I think it's time for some more garlands, like this paper crown one.


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