Weekend DIY

1 more week before I move into my new apartment! I can't wait. Unfortunately with moving comes packing, so instead of doing crafts this weekend I will be boxing up my room and hauling everything 3 miles away to a brand new place. Hopefully you all will have time for some of these great DIYs!

20140314 DIY.png

No 1. This birch bark photo holder is such a perfect addition to a dresser or nightstand!

No 2. Maybe I can convince my sister (who has a sewing machine) to make me some of these cute cotton + leather clutches. Erin? I know you read my blog

No 3. I've seen a lot of tray DIY, but this zig zag gold tray design is my favorite

No 4. Neon magnets! My friend Sam made cute magnets last weekend at crafternoon, and I think these ones are up next.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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