Weekend DIY

I'm moving today! Obviously I wrote this earlier in the week, because at this very moment I am probably carrying furniture and boxes up and down stairs and into moving trucks. And when I say "I am" I really mean "my man friend is" because let's be honest, everyone knows I'm as weak as a 12-year-old boy. Possibly weaker. I'm not sure how strong 12-year-olds are these days.

I can't wait to share pictures of our new apartment once we are settled. Unfortunately, I'm losing my desk because there isn't enough space, but I'm gaining a lot of light/windows so fingers crossed I can take better pictures of my work!

20140321 DIY.png

Back story on the crafts today -- I kill plants. Fact. I even tried succulents, which people always say you can't kill. They died within 2 weeks. Maybe it had something to do with never seeing the sun and not have any drainage and me pretty much completely ignoring them and hoping they would stay pretty forever. Maybe not though. In honor of my dead plants and future dead plants, I put together the cutest DIY pots for those of you lucky enough to understand what keeps a plant alive (I took science growing up so you would think I would know and be able to execute).

No 1. These geometric tiny plant pots are adorable.

No 2. The design possibilities are endless with these stamped clay pots

No 3. Gold leaf cement pots. A combination of my two favorite things -- gold and cement (I'm a civil engineer)!**

No 4. This twine pot tutorial is so easy it's embarrassing.

No 5. Love the color combination on these gray and white succulent pots.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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** Just to be clear, cement is not seriously one of my favorite things.