Bridesmaid Boxes

In preparation for our big day next June, I asked the special ladies in my life if they would join us as my bridesmaids! I had such a fun time putting together these special boxes for them, and it is easy to get all of these items if you are looking for ideas.


I included the following items for my bridesmaids:


I packaged all the goodies together with white paper crinkle, and gold foil dot tissue paper from Paper Source. The boxes I also found at Paper Source, and to complete the entire look, I wrote each bridesmaid's name on top of the box in calligraphy and tied the box with a peach ribbon.

You can customize your boxes by using your wedding colors for the various items, or including something that is unique to your wedding (i.e. sunglasses if you're getting married in the summer, mini wine bottle if you're getting married at a winery)! Or if your budget is tight, simply write your bridesmaids a heartfelt card telling them how much they mean to you and how honored you would be to have them in your wedding... because let's be honest, that's the part that counts the most.

have fun creating your bridesmaid boxes!